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What is WaiterMate? Take Your Service to the Next Level

WaiterMate, by D&H Hospitality Systems, is an app for serving staff designed to drastically improve your service quality while providing unparalleled convenience to your servers. With WaiterMate, your servers can submit orders to the kitchen from any iOS or Android compatible mobile device, wherever they are, without having to return to a POS machine or take notes onto a notepad. Additionally, WaiterMate features a variety of other features to simplify and streamline your ordering process, ensuring your customers receive the best experience possible.

Benefits Increase Customer Satisfaction

Never let another special request or detail of an order be lost in quickly scribbled notes or forgotten by a server in a rush. WaiterMate can submit special notes and requests to the kitchen easily along with any order.

WaiterMate App

Your Menu Enhanced WaiterMate Menu Features

  1. Hi Res Photos Photos can be included for every menu item
  2. Info at a Glance Include custom descriptions, such as ingredients for each dish
  3. Simple and Convenient Add items to an order with a single tap
  4. WaiterMate Menu Features

Screens Menu Customization

WaiterMate can handle even the most complicated menu and item configurations, including customizable items, combos, and specials.

  • Combo Feature
  • Offers Features
  • Order History Tracking