Increase Server Efficiency

Improve Your Service Increase Server Efficiency

With WaiterMate, your server can enter an entire order - including any special notes or requirements - directly to the kitchen from a mobile device. This eliminates the need for entering it into a POS before transmitting. freeing your servers to spend more time interacting and taking care of customers.

Multilingual Support

14+ Languages Supports Many Languages

All of your app's navigation and messages will be available in many languages. You may also translate your menu items, descriptions, and categories, and other custom text into any of your enabled languages. Perfect for allowing customers who don't understand your local language to browse the menu, or for your servers to assist them.

Chain/franchise support

Supports Multiple Stores Chain/Franchise Support

WaiterMate has built-in support for chain/franchise stores. Items, prices, special offers and more can be customized for each individual store, or you can use one standard menu for every location. Orders will always be sent to the kitchen in the restaurant the order was taken in.

Easily Edit Your Menu

Full control of your menu Easily Edit Menu Items & Prices

WaiterMate's powerful back-end admin system grants you full control over your menu, as well as various other aspects of your app. You can add or remove items, change item details or prices, change item categorization, and more - and then see the changes reflected in your app minutes later. No developer interaction is required.

Quality Item Photos

Show Off Your Menu Quality Item Photos

WaiterMate features the ability to upload quality photos of your items into your app. This allows waiters to easily show an item to a customer who would like more information, or to assist customers who don't speak the local language when translations aren't available.

Available on Android and iOS

Multiplatform Apps Apps for iOS and Android

Your app will be available on the two largest mobile device operating systems - Android and iOS - for allowing you the most flexibility when selecting devices for your servers to use. We can also provide you with QR codes to automatically detect the type of device your waiter is using to scan it, and direct them to the appropriate download page (Google Play or the App Store) for their device.

Supports All Menu/Item Types

Custom Menus Supports All Menu/Item Types

WaiterMate can handle even the most complicated menu setups and options, including combo systems, made-to-order items, customizable toppings and more. Your waiters will be able to enter even the most complex order in seconds.

Order Management System

Manage your orders Order Management App

WaiterMate can interface with its own Order Management System (OMS) app. All orders received through your app can be sent to the OMS app that can be run on an Android tablet. The app can be configured to make an alarm noise and vibrate when new orders are received, as well as a variety of other features.

Order details can be printed via a Bluetooth-enabled receipt printer.

Live Status Updates

Interact With Your Customers Easy Access to Specials & Offers

You can set up special offers and promotions for your waiters to quickly access via the Offers section of the app. WaiterMate supports many types of deals, such as:

  • A percent discount on a single item
  • A percent discount on a group of items when ordered together
  • Buy one get one free
  • A percent discount on orders over a certain dollar amount
  • Support for custom designs/images for non-orderable items, e.g. happy hour notices.

... all of which can be added to an order with a single tap.

At-a-Glance Item Information

Educate Your Customers At-a-Glance Item Information

Your app can be configured to display a variety of item information, including a freeform description field, prices, and more. Special badges can be assigned to items to allow waiters to quickly find specific item types - such as vegetarian items - to more easily make menu recommendations to customers.

Fast Setup

Fast Setup Your App Up and Running Within 45 Days

Your app can be available and ready for use within 45 days of starting the process. Getting started is incredibly easy and quick. Contact us for more info.