WaiterMate Overview

WaiterMate is a mobile app that increases the efficiency of your servers, allowing them to spend more time providing customer service and less time leaning over a POS system performing tedious tasks.

Ordinarily, your waiters would frequently be running from tables to a POS station - even multiple times per guest. This process is completely removed with WaiterMate - all orders are taken by the server directly into the WaiterMate app on a mobile device they carry with them.

Orders are submitted directly from the WaiterMate app to the kitchen or bar, where they can be read and processed, including any special notes or requests from the customers.

WaiterMate Setup and Use

WaiterMate supports both independent and chain restaurants. We'll enter your menu (including photos, descriptions, prices, and many other details) for you, and you're free to edit it at any time.

Once your menu is set up, simply have your servers download the WaiterMate app onto their device and log in. Each server will have their own unique login information to allow you to see who submitted each order. If a server leaves your employment, their login information can easily be removed from the system so that they no longer have any access to it. Additional accounts can also be created easily for new servers.

Deliva Admin Site

WaiterMate Order Management System

Submitted orders can be received via an app called "D&H OMS", which can be run on any Android-based tablet. When a new order is received, the device will vibrate and make a bell noise to indicate its arrival. From here, your kitchen can view the details of the order, along with any special notes or directions input by the server. It's also possible to inform the waiter that an item is out of stock or cannot be completed as requested directly through the app.